Growing a Private Pediatrics Practice with Well-Visits During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Using our 360 Degree Marketing Process, we were able to support the practice immediately. We successfully grew the practice with “well-patient” visits despite the COVID-19 outbreak and shutdowns. The initial success of 3-4 new patients per day was remarkable because we had significant budget constraints which prevented us from running paid ads on Google or Facebook for the first year. When January 2021 came around, we began running ads again and saw even more remarkable results; 10-15 new patients daily.


Even before the pandemic, there were challenges. The practice opened a second location which struggled to attract new patients. They were seeing as few as 1 to 2 patients per day, yet had one physician, three physician assistants, and two nurses on staff.

We created a plan to help the practice authentically connect with the community surrounding this new location. We needed to build an email distribution list, promote the new providers, and create awareness of the new location. We started working in February 2020, but in March 2020, COVID forced a shutdown of the American economy to help reduce the spread of the virus.

What We Did

  • Brand Development

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Content Creation – Blogs & Articles

  • Print Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Ad Creation and Management


  • New Practice Location
  • Low Patient Volume
  • Losing Money
  • COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Economic Shut Down

The practice needed a consistent marketing program to regularly communicate with patients and potential patients. 

The Solution


The practice had a great website, however, a great website without great marketing is ineffective. We added dynamic content on a regular basis that would be picked up by search engines. We focused on timely, helpful content for parents with young children and created monthly blog content.

When COVID lockdowns occurred, we helped the practice communicate in real time with current and prospective patients. We reorganized the website with COVID-specific announcements, protocols, and ways to keep kids safe during the lockdown phase and beyond.

We helped the practice clearly communicate that they were open for medical emergencies and offered guidelines for patients on how to safely engage with the practice in the COVID-19 era.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.  The location did not have a large email list so we prioritized building one out by integrating Mailchimp into the website and creating sign-up opportunities.

We also partnered with the local chamber and local school listservs to promote the practice via email to the surrounding community.

During COVID lockdowns, email was a critical resource for mass communication with patients on how to safely bring their children to the practice for medically necessary appointments.

Organic Social Media

We built monthly content calendars for all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business) that covered both locations. We struck a balance of promoting the practice, providing useful information for parents, and introducing the providers at the second location to the community.

Facebook & Google Ads

We started out running Facebook and Google Ads, but when COVID-19 surfaced, we shut down all ads to save the practice money. Luckily, our 360 Degree Marketing Process allowed us to continue to promote the new practice without ads. In January 2021, we began running ads again and watched the practice go from 3-4 new well-visit patients per day to 10-15 per day in February 2021.


The practice averages 10-15 new “well-visit” patients a day. The practice grew during the COVID-19 outbreak and economic fallout.

“With the help of the FMG marketing team and the 360 process, our second location is thriving.” – Practice Manager

Where Are They Now?

The practice saw consistent growth throughout 2022. As provider schedules started filling up at both locations, we adjusted marketing efforts to help slow down incoming leads. In August 2022, we paused digital ad campaigns and adjusted the messaging of our organic content. As of January 2023, the practice is operating at 100% capacity.

Updated Results

  • Two Locations Operating At Capacity
  • Digital Ads Paused
  • 16 New Patients Per Day