Growing a National Membership Organization


A national organization for medical professionals contacted Frederick Mountain Group in the summer of 2019.

At the time, they were unhappy with their current consultant. They wanted to re-establish the organization’s prominence after years of neglect. They had declining membership, an outdated website, and their non-profit status had lapsed.

Our work was to triage the multiple issues affecting the organization and start producing results immediately. This organization does not have staff and the board of directors is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

We began our marketing work on January 1, 2020. Within 3 months, COVID-19 hit. Despite the global shock and many medical professionals in the organization becoming front-line responders to the pandemic, the organization grew: 20% increase in memberships, 2 new sponsors, and a 13% increase in monthly revenue.

As of October 2023, they have 6 new sponsors, an additional 72.5% increase in memberships, and an additional 124% increase in monthly revenue.

The value of the 360-Degree Marketing Package is consistent marketing and communication that builds continued success year after year.

What We Did

2019 -Strategic Planning:

We worked with the board to establish 1-Year goals and designed a turnaround approach to re-establish the organization and clean up the organization’s messaging.

2020 to Current – Customized 360 Degree Marketing Package:

  • Website Redesign with Membership Management Software Integration

  • Two to three blog articles per month

  • Organic social media calendar creation as well as daily engagement on social media accounts

  • Email Marketing (2x month)

  • Webinar Design and Management

  • Google Ads-creation and management

  • Facebook Business Manager ad creation, audience targeting, adjustment, and monitoring

  • Monthly reporting to client


At all times we strive to be honest and realistic with our clients about our successes and our ability to grow organizations.

The challenges were significant, and we were honest with the Board of Directors that they needed more staff to re-establish the organization and start growing.

The Board agreed to hire an administrative assistant to help us process and manage memberships, donations, and sponsors. We agreed to work on a base fee with a performance bonus for the first year to prove our value.

We got to work quickly to handle their website redesign, membership software integration, and help with regaining non-profit status.

By the end of 2020, we had move the organization from surviving to growth mode.

The organization needed to reconnect with members and channel partners after years of “brand and messaging” neglect. They had declining membership, an outdated website, and their non-profit status had lapsed.

The Solution

Planning and Clean Up

This organization does not have staff. The board of directors is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

The engagement process occurred over 5 months. The issues with the organization’s tax status needed to be corrected as soon as possible. FMG is not a certified accounting organization, however, we are fortunate to have a network of specialists available to work with our clients. We connected the organization with an accounting firm to help the organization understand why its non-profit status had lapsed and what was needed to bring the organization current.

Once the organization’s tax-exempt status had been re-established, we worked with the board to identify their goals over the next 6- to 12- months.


Our first task was to clean up and modernize the organization’s website. We needed to better integrate their donor and membership database, WildApricot, with a contemporary website that would be inviting. Because cost was a major issue, we built the new website on Wix. We were able to complete this process within 30 days so that we could begin our 360- Degree marketing program to drive potential members, donors, and sponsors to a professional website.

A Pandemic Emerges

March 1, 2020, major conferences like South by Southwest, the American Academy of Dermatology, and several others were considering canceling due to the rising threat of COVID-19.

We convened with the board and decided our original goals and the plan to reach those goals were not possible. We shifted our work to support the organization’s medical professional members who were now on the frontlines of the worst pandemic in nearly a century.

For the rest of 2020 and 2021, we focused on creating new ways to help the organization show value and increase membership.

2020 and Beyond

We helped the organization move online and host meetings and webinars via Zoom. We continued to produce timely and relevant content for their membership that was shared across social media, email marketing, and the website. By the end of 2021, they had more members and sponsors than ever before.

Two years later, membership and revenue have continued to increase. The organization is looking forward to expanding their presence at more in-person and virtual events in 2024.


2020 – 2021

  • 20% Increase in Membership
  • 2 New Sponsors
  • 13% Increase in monthly Revenue

2021 – 2023

  • 80% Increase in Membership
  • 4 New Sponsors
  • 124% Increase in monthly Revenue