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When you start a business, it is a precarious task. You hear a lot of “no,” “that will never work,” “are you sure?”

It is hard and you have to do it all as a business owner. You have to be the administrative assistant, the bookkeeper, the chief financial officer, the accountant, the marketing director, and so on.

Over time, things start to change. The revenues pick up, your savings account starts to grow, you might even finally get access to capital. You can start to delegate. You can start to let go of some of those titles.

However, many business owners miss those moments of change. You might even hire a person or two. You might hand a project off to an employee here, or stop checking in on production daily there.

You still are involved in all day-to-day task and all the decisions. Perhaps it is handling the bookkeeping (or more often letting it slide), it could be handling the product re-ordering, it could be reviewing every single staff members’ work to make sure it is done “the right way.”

We have seen it all at Frederick Mountain Group. The reason we offer “systems creation services” is because so many small businesses grew organically without a lot of thought as to how to manage more people, more customers, more products or services.

Creating a system is the easy part, the hard part is helping the owner(s) let go. We create a system that works in a manner that makes the owner(s) comfortable while allowing the company to operate and the team to excel in their respective positions. We can show owners how to set up a purchasing order system to monitor spending before it happens. We can bring in technology that allows for real-time reporting on sales for the owner(s). The real challenge is helping the owner understand they do not have to do everything to make sure everything goes well. In fact, owners doing everything usually mess things up after a certain point because the scale of the business is too large for any one person to manage.

Do you want your business to grow? Are you ready to adjust your role in your business so it can grow? Are you ready to start the process of screening and hiring the right people to make your business run?

Are you ready to let go?