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Many times when people ask, “What does Frederick Mountain Group do?”

Our reply, “We help businesses grow.”

Their reply is, “How?”

Glad you asked. We always start with our GO-Start! process.

(1) Why did you start your company?

(2) Where is your company today?

(3) Where do you want your company to be? What does success look like?

From there, our management consulting team creates a list of the things that will move your company forward. Then, we select those one or two things to focus on to move your company forward quickly.

We recently created a case study for our medical office clients explaining how this process helped us realize that a company that initially approached us about marketing support actually needed new management systems for their team before the office could really grow.

It took a year to design and implement the new management systems. In the first year, the practice grew by $160,000. We have been working with the company for 6 years adding an average of $200,000 of additional revenue yearly.

The client pays an average of $30,000 per year, that means their annual ROI on their contract with FMG is roughly 238%.


We published our study last week, and our numbers were independently verified by another medical consulting company on Monday. From the independent external audit:

“The practice has shown improved efficiency in managing their expenses, experiencing a significant downward trend in their operating expense ratio of 74.6% in 2015, declining to 65.1% in 2017”

Contact us today for a free 1-hour consultation. We help companies grow.