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Time is money, and your time as a business owner is money. You are priceless because as a business owner you are the engine that drives your business.

When you look at the things that go into running your business, take a minute and answer the following questions.

1) What makes your business run?

2) What are your specialties? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing?

3) What are the most valuable products, or services, you contribute to your business?

4) What are your weaknesses? What are you not good at?

Many business owners are the engines on which their companies run.  Your specialty is usually what inspired you to open your business in the first place.  And you need space and time to create, to code (for you programmers out there), to make.  It is what makes the company go, so you should be focusing on those activities . . . right?

Often, however, the business of running your business gets in the way of driving your business.  It is time to stop.

Make a list, be honest. Start creating systems and processes so you can run your business, not work in your business. Check out our systems e-book for more guidance.

Business consultants and financial advisers are also great people to help you get organized and back to doing what you do best.  Sometimes you need to turn more tasks over to your staff.  Other times, you need revamp your staff so you have a staff you can trust to run your day-to-day tasks.  Remember, to make your business a success, focus on your strengths and bring in support to cover your weaknesses (or hectic, to do the things you just don’t like doing).