Executive Summary

Growth with FMG is sustainable and our update to a 2021 case study proves our approach to marketing can help your organization grow year after year. 

A multi-location private dermatology group with four offices in the Chicago area was suffering from low patient volume and declining patient visits. FMG acted quickly and focused solely on Digital Ads, knowing this would drive results quickly. The practice saw rapid growth and results, with a 17% jump in patient visits in the first 3 months.

By the end of the first year, the practice reported 8,002 new patient visits and 35,638 total patient visits. This represented a 53% increase in new patient visits and a 35% increase in total patient visits compared to the previous 365 days. 

Because of the success they saw with digital ads, the practice signed an expanded contract with FMG in March 2022. In this new engagement, the practice transitioned from Digital Ads only to a full 360 Marketing client.

Within four months of 360 Marketing, new patients and total patient visits increased by an additional 7.5% and 10.9% compared to the same time period in the previous year.

“FMG has helped us grow our patient volume by increasing our digital footprint. With their aid, we have seen a surge in phone calls because our advertisements are getting in front of the right people.” – Practice Manager

The Challenge

When the practice initially contacted FMG, they were 6 months into a 16-month contract with a marketing firm that was not producing results.

With limited funds to engage an additional firm, the practice managers needed results immediately. FMG reviewed its existing marketing program and decided the most cost-effective way to help the practice grow quickly was to take over digital ads management.

  • Low patient Volume
  • 16-Month Contract with Existing marketing company despite no results
  • Spending Marketing money with no ROI
  • No consistent marketing message across Channels

The Solution

We started with digital ads to quickly increase patient booking. Once we expanded to the full 360-degree marketing program. The 360-degree marketing program systemizes communication across all marketing platforms and generates timely, relevant content on a 30-day rotation. 360 includes organic social media content creation, integrated email marketing for new and existing patients, original blog pieces monthly.  

Why The Ads Were Succesful

Digital advertising is both an art and a science. Crafting a compelling message, creating eye-catching imagery, and designing a landing page that converts is just the start. Having the technical skills for navigating advertising platforms like Meta and Google, understanding the use of demographic targeting, bid strategies, advertising policies, and performance planning is yet another factor. FMG has the experience and capability to deploy digital ads that drive results, fast. This is exactly why the practice saw a 17% increase in patient encounters within the first three months of their contract.

360-Degree Marketing Helps Amplify and Reinforce Messaging

Adding original content on a monthly helps with content creation and also helps with search engine optimization because the website is serving search engines new content to review and index. Organic social media content also helps businesses share more services and content in an easier-to-consume method. Email marketing is critical because it helps keep existing patients engaged and informed and helps educate patients about the additional procedures and products available at the practice. 

Reporting and Client Communication

FMG monitors digital engagement activity daily and is in communication with the practice manager for content and messaging approval. FMG also sends monthly data reports with analytics from each of the 360 Marketing components.


FMG started work with the client on April 1, 2021. By July 2022, the practice reported a 25.2% increase in the monthly average for new patients (compared to 2019). Additionally, the practice reported a 6.7% increase in overall patient visits each month (compared to 2019).

On average, the practice saw 507 new patients and 2754 total patients each month in 2019. As of 2023, the practice averages 678 new patients each month. This accounts for an additional 171 new patients each month on average compared to 2019.